Coronavirus: News from Italy

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News from Italy

We are writing to each and every one of you today to help you with your concerns about the Corona virus as your safety is our number one priority.

It is a story that is unfolding, and we are on top it and monitoring it with our inside and outside official sources here Italy – with our official government resources, airlines, contacts and our insurance experts in their respective fields. All of our contacts, authorities and leaders in their field have reported not to worry, be calm and be prudent when reading or watching the news.

Our inside sources have helped us understand what is going on and are diligently working to calm and resolve the situation. Italy is the only country who has taken very preventative measures and that is the reason they are in the news. They are in full force and have already contained the situation. Which is exactly why the media is reporting only on Italy. We know that the media is exaggerating and has many different stories that are heightening the situation and causing fear.

The latest official update for today is that Italy is open and running with Alitalia flights and all the others on time and full. (It is very similar to the flood when the media portrayed Venice as if it were closed, sinking and unvisitable, which was not true). This virus is classified as a flu; in fact the classic flu causes more harm and deaths than the Corona virus. Washing your hands regularly, not touching your face, are the precautionary steps that are being advised. We remind you that no matter where you are, follow this prevention. Again, the reason why Italy made the news is because they immediately took action and the media wants to be the first to report and sell their stories.

With having said that, I just received an additional report from several offices of the Italian Authorities and a panel of doctors who have been studying the outbreak and they reported that it is expected to pass soon as every flu has a cycle in ten days.

That the Italian authorities have taken very aggressive precautions has put them in the news. There are no government orders preventing travel to/from Italy. We are also informed that this flu, like any other flu, takes its toll the elderly, very ill people with a low immune system and those who already have respiratory and lung problems. We were also told that the media has sensationalized the news without having accurate information and facts.

Our best interest is your safety and we will keep you posted with first-hand updates as they occur for our official sources for you and also for our staff, chefs, hotel owners, drivers, and us who are in Italy working away. We suggest to be positive and be prudent with your news sources.

At this point, none of our tours are being affected and all of them are on and running and all airlines are operative (except ones to and from China).
We are positive, honest and we care. If you have further questions, feel free to call or email us.
Thank you

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