Sinossi di C.Randazzo: “The heuristic aspects of the functions and of the identity of the pneuma in the Fathers of the Church”

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The present study faces one of the fundamental themes of the dogmatic christian: the third person of the trinity.

From an analytical reading of the texts of the Fathers, the author illustrates the essential lines, relative to the identity of the Spirit and to his function in the world and in the church, in a growing progressive, staying the most possible relating to the rielaboration of the datum revealed   during the first 4 centuries.

(Cinzia Randazzo)


Sinossi al Libro “The main placed sacred in Jerusalem”

The present search intends to offer to reader a panoramic of the main places sacred in Jerusalem.
From an approach of type geographical of the city of Jerusalem, the study reviews the main monuments and infrastructures placed in the city holy. Initially it be presented, illustrating of them their conformation topographical and, for some of these one, also their meaning etymological.

Then it is pointed out their meaning theological, doing reference to texts new-testamentary. Such meaning theological is directly deductible by their contextualization concerning the period where Jesus lived and it operated in the history.

(Cinzia Randazzo)